Baby’s Beat - Pregnancy Baby Heartbeat Monitor App Reviews

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Not very good

With an iPhone 5 it is very hard to find the heart beat, since you can not hear what you are recording, and it is a very faint record of the babys heart. Besides, you have to pay more to share with other people and you can not export as a sound record so that you can hear in other medias. So, in a way, you can not keep it to the future. Neverthess, it is cool to be able to hear the babys heart even with all those limits.

Amazed it works

I was skeptical reading reviews for similar apps but downloaded this one anyway since its free. Im 17 weeks and after about 5 minutes of trying it worked and I could hear the heartbeat just like the Doppler in my doctors office. It would be easier to use if I wasnt on the iPhone 6 since I cant plug in earphones at the same time so have to try to record the heartbeat first and listen after to see if I got it. It also didnt work to text the sound file to my husband but email sharing works. Other than that its amazing to hear the heartbeat!

Baby monitor

Does not work. Dont waste your money.

Dont work

No stars 33 weeks and nothing

Waste of time...

I have 12 weeks and this app didnt work. I download another one that I paid $4.99 and it was worth it! Dont waste your time with this...

Waste of time

My baby was moving while i tried to pick up his heartbeat. Not even his movement was picked up as static. I couldnt even hear my own heartbeat when placed on my chest.


I thought this app was not going to work but it did. I get excited every time I play back my babys heartbeat.

Bad ideal

Dont work at all the only thing its good for it picking up back ground noise or if you move while recording it

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